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xvidenc is an advanced and powerful interactive menu-driven shell script written for the GNU/Linux operating system which can help you to encode a DVD, a (S)VCD or a regular video file to the MPEG-4 SP/ASP format using the MEncoder encoder from the MPlayer project and the Xvid library. It supports muxing the final encode from AVI to Matroska, from AVI to OGM and from AVI to the MP4 container.

xvidenc is written in a way to be useful for power users yet it is also very user friendly for people who are novices when it comes to video encoding. xvidenc operates by asking questions to the user, collecting the input and passing it over to the encoder software. One of its unique features (for a shell script) is the ability to use built-in video quality presets. This is especially useful to people who are just starting to encode video.

xvidenc has a total of 17 video quality presets ranging from Ultra Low Quality to Near Lossless Quality. It further has the ability to auto-detect a lot of stuff, like DVD titles, chapters, subtitles, audio streams, and it supports frequently used video filters like scale, crop, dering, deblock, noise, denoise, (un)sharp mask/gaussian blur, deinterlace, interlace, inverse telecine/pullup and hard telecine/3:2 pulldown.